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Students’ Perceptions of Using 3D Computer Technology for Enhancing Learning

by Jamie Perry, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communications & Sciences Disorders and Danielle Cunningham, Communications Sciences and Disorders

Originally published in Progressive Measures, Spring 2010, volume 5, Issue 2

It is hard to imagine that computers became a consumer product only 35 years ago and become readily available and affordable for home offices in the early ’80s. Today, we see computers immersed within every part of life. Computer technology is being routinely used in the college classroom through podcasting, classroom management systems, and online courses. Some professors are also using virtual environments and virtual reality to engage students within the classroom. Three-dimensional (3D) environments and learning provide students with the spatial-depth cues which share some similarities to that of hands-on learning. In the area of science, this is advantageous because it allows for exploration in 3D (e.g., internal anatomy, molecular biology, neuroanatomy) that might otherwise only be viewed through two-dimensional (2D) images or drawings.
Undoubtedly, traditional learning through lectures, human atlases, and 2D images has a valuable place in the educational setting. Continue reading