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The Value of Assessment in Academic Degree Programs: Mapping & Alignment

By Derek Meyers, Assistant Director, University Assessment Services

Originally published in Progressive Measures, Fall 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1. 

In higher education, assessment helps faculty, staff, and administrators focus on student learning and development and is an ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student learning.  Based on best practices in assessment, degree program assessment plans at Illinois State University include four components: (a) program goals and learning outcomes, (b) direct evidence of student learning, (c) indirect evidence of student learning, and (d) use of the results.  University Assessment Services staff can assist programs with each of these components. Continue reading

A Learning Outcomes Retreat for the Department of Politics and Government

By Dr. Lane Crothers, Professor and Director of Assessment, Department of Politics and Government

Originally published in Progressive Measures, Spring 2013, Volume 8, Issue 2. 

The Department of Politics and Government was awarded an Assessment Initiative Award from University Assessment Services in 2012 to assist the department in facilitating a conversation about its learning outcomes (LOs).  The primary questions for this retreat were: (1) Were the department’s 2007-12 learning outcomes an accurate reflection of the program’s goals for its undergraduate and graduate students?; and (2) Were any gaps in the department’s success in achieving these goals best addressed by curricular and pedagogical changes, or ought the department consider adopting other LOs that better captured the department’s actual, if currently unspecified, program goals? Continue reading